Crowd City (Unlimited Time)

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Crowd City (Unlimited Time)

The real crowd experience!

Name Crowd City
Version 2.3.0
Size n/a
MOD Unlimited Time
Genre Arcade
Publisher VOODOO
Google Play Link io.voodoo.crowdcity

Crowd City mod apk (Unlimited Time) is an unusual and colorful arcade game that can entice any player to gameplay. The main task of the gameplay in Crowd City is to gather the biggest possible crowd, which can easily displace other people walking around the city’s streets.

Crowd City apk mod is a game with a simple task, but if you think about it, you can see that your task as the leader is to gather as many people as possible and entice other gawkers from your opponents’ people. If you fail, you will be defeated and have to start from the beginning, picking up new tactics and strategies.

Each level starts with traveling alone, but to win, you will have to create a new team each time, but the old method won’t work anymore. Before you start the game, you’ll be able to choose your unique color, which will help distinguish your followers from the enemy groups. Neutral people will be marked with white – that’s what you’ll have to attract them.

For faster passage of the level and the ability to interest the player with the right route choice, the user will be able to meet a group of neutral people on his way. Of course, you are also able to kidnap opponents. But you should be careful because others can do the same to your team.

Crowd City apk game is designed with a simple interface, so you can easily create your team and compete with others. You will be able to lead a single game or create a joint team with your friends. The game simulator is designed to improve your public speaking and attention skills, which, in addition, will allow you to spend your free time with pleasure.

Download Crowd City v.- [n/a ]
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