Demon Card MOD apk v1.0.2

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Demon Card MOD apk v1.0.2

This is a card and card fighting game that can quickly compet

Name Demon Card
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Version 1.0.2
Size 66.53 MB
MOD The game is in the test stage, which provides you with sufficient resources in the game for optimizing your test experience
Genre Card
Publisher HardCore-Game/硬派游戏
Google Play Link org.ypgame.demoncard

This is a card and card fighting game that can quickly compete. You can enter the unknown world of different dimensions to complete adventure and challenge tasks. There are different attributes and effects between cards. There are also many interesting adventures to open for you. They can bring you a lot of help if you allocate positions and effects properly.
With wonderful card strategy game playing methods, you need to obtain cards and other resources in the challenge, and also let your cards quickly rise to the highest level through different ways, so that you can deal with all kinds of powerful enemies in subsequent challenges. You need to advance and upgrade in the game through fighting and cultivation. In addition, you also have many different forms of competitive battles.
The interesting hand-painted works placed on the vertical screen have a unique artistic style. The works refer to the legend of Solomon's 72 main demons. Players recruit and destroy all kinds of demons summoned by hostile players in the game.

1. The attributes and skills of each card are completely mastered and can be comprehensively used
2. The attribute restraint between different cards has a certain law, so that all the internal forces can be completely exploded
3. Through the change of placement form, let these cards explode their own abilities and win the game

1. Get your favorite cards through recruitment. Choose 5 of them to form a strong team and start taking risks
2. The world ahead is full of unknowns and possibilities. More demons exist in the "devil's realm". Hurry to challenge
3. Activate [demon king's writ] to achieve the objectives of the writ and get rich extra rewards
4. Multiple competitive challenge modes, PVP, PVE or unlock unlimited mode to challenge the limit of the card group

Game play
Select 5 demons to form a battle card group, and play games in normal mode or other special competitive modes. The winner is the one who keeps the highest score.

Download Demon Card v.1.0.2 [ 66.53 MB ]
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