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Human Fall Flat APK latest version

Discover the funniest multiplayer physics puzzle platformer!

Name Human: Fall Flat
Version 1.9
Size n/a
MOD Full Paid
Genre Brain
Publisher 505 Games Srl
Google Play Link com.and.games505.humanfallflat
Whats New +
Humans, if you go down to the woods today, be sure of a big surprise!

The highly anticipated Lumber DLC rolls its way onto mobile today, alongside 10 brand new skins for players to get into!

This is no summer camp. Lumber is a laborious take on the woodland adventure. Bring your lifejacket as you take a trip on the river rapids. Strap in as you take a trip up high in the trees and catapult your way through the branches.

Human Fall Flat apk 2019 will surprise the player with physics laws in the world of sleep and naive fantasy. A hero is a man without a face, a doll that roams in an abstract world with dark colors. On ten levels, to cope with your half-asleep hero and show the miracle of parkour. At first, it will annoy the body’s transgression, but then you will love the game.

The plot itself is not, but there are surreal paintings. The game is suitable to look around and think than to go into the plan of the developers. The unusual indie project has more than 10 000 downloads and installations. You can connect to the online game with other gamers from all over the world. Solving surreal puzzles is much more interesting in the company of several people!

Here you can download Human: Fall Flat-free, the latest version of Android. Try on the role of a man in a sleepy kingdom!



The more vibrant your imagination, the more exciting Human: Fall Flat. In the sleepy world, there are a lot of abstract figures. Colors are muted and dull. On the one hand, the world is geometrically correct. On the other – childishly unexpected. Ride on a boat, in a boat, on a ship, or launch yourself on a catapult. Everything in this world is recognizable but decorated in some crazy combinations, as it happens in dreams. For example, a train can stick out of the roof of the house. And everything around it hangs in the air, in the clouds—people without faces, abstract figures, all half-dead and toy. The scary and funny atmosphere at the same time, as players, write on the Internet.

It’s annoying and confusing here alone. So the developers came up with a multiplayer. With other gamers, the sleepy kingdom comes to life, and you solve problems together. For example, take your hands on the boat and together drag to the water to sail to the other side. You can play together, the three of you or the four of you.

Human: Fall Flat is a cast from the real world, recycled in your dreams. Hence the geometric shapes and dull colors. In a plan, we do not see, for example, how the boat is arranged. We don’t think about how the engine works. We don’t see specific faces. Rich flowers. And if we know, it’s just an image, a hint, a cast from the first impressions.

In the sleepy world, physics laws don’t work, but there are many things in common. You’ll have to solve puzzles intuitively according to the rules that exist in the real world. If you need to climb on the house in your dream, you almost always understand that you will have to overcome the distance from the ground to the roof of the house, that you need to rely on something to push off. And that’s precisely where the phantasmagoria begins.

In Human: Fall Flat 2019, it’s hard to do something. Sometimes you can’t adequately control your body. For example, you want to hit your abuser. Many people are familiar with annoyance when in a dream hand hangs like a stone, or movement is slowed down. Try in Human: Fall Flat to get into the boat with other players and start rowing. Your sleepy little man is clinging to the oars, the ship, and the other characters. This, by the way, is the case when it is more convenient to row alone, not in the company.



Human: Fall Flat 2019 is rich in hidden humor. The player is available to skins dog, mummy, crash-test mannequin. The man’s color can be chosen from white to blue and black, only a few dozen colors. Looks funny.

What were you most often in your dreams? Maybe you’d like to repeat that experience, even if it’s in the game. Power in your imagination! Download Human: Fall Flat on your phone and let yourself dream a little—all the more reason to play the game in a couple of evenings.


Human: Fall Flat apk on Android

The developers have invented exotic locations; each of them has several original findings, sometimes stunning scenery. Earn points to climb the rating from a “regular tourist” to a guru who has learned to own the naughty body of a sleepy man.

Download Human: Fall Flat v.- [n/a ]
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