Prison Empire Tycoon (Unlimited Money)

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Prison Empire Tycoon (Unlimited Money)

Become the warden, and manage the jails Rehabilitate prisioners to help society!

Name Prison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game
Compatible with 5.0
Size 173.64 MB
MOD Unlimited Money
Genre Simulation
Publisher Codigames
Google Play Link com.codigames.idle.prison.empire.manager.tycoon
Whats New +
● 4th of July seasonal events: Eagle Fortress and American Invasion.
● Fixed recurring problems with ads

Prison Empire Tycoon mod apk (Unlimited Money) is a clicker where you can spend dozens of hours and create a true paradise for prisoners. Prison in your pocket. That’s how you can describe this project. The player will be allowed to control every aspect of the prison because the game’s character is the head of the colony. Since it is on the verge of closure, the primary task is to save them from their predicament! To do this, you will have to consider the wishes of criminals and create all the conditions for their stay!


Prison Empire Tycoon Game Features

Click on the screen to get new money, or use the mod where there is a lot of money and buying everything you need will not take long! Properly use the potential of every cent and achieve results! Build new detention cells invite guards and other staff to work. Don’t forget the kitchen and recreation rooms. Always add something new to keep the inmates excited about what’s going on!

Each prisoner in the game Prison Empire Tycoon cheats has a stress level that cannot be ignored. If the level rises, the prison will descend into chaos, and its name is a riot. At this time, no guard will be able to do anything since the prison is enormous and many people are there. Try to solve these problems quickly and get out of any situation! Don’t forget to increase the number of prison cells. Places may not be enough, and the subsidy will soon run out. There is a rule: new criminals, new money, here it works in full force!

Download Prison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game v.2.5.5 [173.64 MB ]
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