Race Master (Unlimited Money)

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Race Master (Unlimited Money)

Become a track master in the wackiest, wildest, winningest racing game!

Name Race Master 3D - Car Racing
Compatible with 5.0
Version 3.3.3
Size 181.56 MB
MOD Unlimited Money
Genre Racing
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Google Play Link com.easygames.race

Race Master 3D mod apk (Unlimited Money) is a highly dynamic racing project where players will need great reactions to react instantly to sudden changes on the track. Sharp turns, obstacles, unexpected acceleration, shenanigans of opponents, and much more will create an impressive level of chaos. Gamers should learn to catch the wave of the madness going on. This will allow not only to reach the finish line successfully but also to get a lot of pleasure from the perfect passing of the stages. Of course, the entire fleet of available cars can be improved and upgraded to get even more serious power and speed.

Race Master mod apk is a casual racing arcade game where crazy races are waiting for us in colorful locations by fast cars. Try to avoid collisions with obstacles and cross the finish line first. The gameplay is very simple: you need to put your finger on the screen and drive it from side to side, controlling the car’s direction. During the races, you are waiting for completely different locations, different structures, and the presence of certain features. Examples of explosive areas, trampolines, abysses, giant balls, and many other things can make you uncomfortable. Also, do not forget to watch out for other cars. They can also create problems, push you into the abyss, and interfere.

You get money for successfully crossing the finish line. They are needed to buy new cars and upgrade them. Upgrades allow you to: increase maximum speed, improve handling and make your start sharper so you can pull away from your opponents, leaving them behind. The more money you spend, the better your chances for first place in future races.

Download Race Master 3D - Car Racing v.3.3.3 [181.56 MB ]
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