Rise of Kingdoms latest version

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Rise of Kingdoms latest version

Create Your Own Civilization!

Name Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
Compatible with 4.4
Size 930.46 MB
Genre Strategy
Publisher LilithGames
Google Play Link com.lilithgame.roc.gp
Whats New +
1. New Civilization: Egypt!
2. Improvements to Immigration
3. Lost Kingdom Improvements
4. Other optimizations

Rise of Kingdoms mod apk is a game where its participants have to expand their kingdom by building various objects, wage war against the kings, or alliances with them. In addition, it is obligatory to enter into trade relations to obtain the desired profit. Gradually, the user and his people go through numerous eras, making cultural and scientific breakthroughs.

To begin with, future rulers will have to choose a country, which will determine the further development of events: after all, each empire has its advantages and disadvantages. States have their warlords, solid fighters, and specific bonuses. Given the mod for a lot of money and crystals, there is unlimited game currency. 

In particular, they develop a powerful defense mechanism against a particular type of troops, good health, attack speed, and more. With the help of unique items, you can improve the characteristics of commanders. Taking part in battles, the latter can increase the available level.

In the unsurpassed world of Rise of Kingdoms hack characters build gold mines, farms, stone quarries, factories, and other buildings that bring the necessary resources. To hire soldiers, they need to build a castle, horse barns, and other military facilities. By increasing the number of soldiers, they can defend their lands against enemy attacks and conquer new territories.

Among the gameplay features are ten available locations with their features, attractive graphics, and a musical background that allows you to feel yourself in a grand battle.

Download Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade v. [930.46 MB ]
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