Walking Dead Road to Survival

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Walking Dead Road to Survival

Play The Walking Dead Road to Survival, the definitive Walking Dead RPG today!

Name Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Compatible with 4.4
Size 90.99 MB
Genre Role Playing
Publisher Scopely
Google Play Link com.scopely.headshot
Whats New +
- War defense teams will be locked before battle begins to ensure the competitive integrity of War.
- War Defense Teams are now visible to attackers! Use the Scouting Phase to take a look at what to expect from your enemy!
- Each War Defense will have a number of lives. Total lives will replace War Camp HP on a War Defense.
- Players will now receive bonus faction and individual War Points for surviving defense teams!

Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats – The new game about the living undead, Road to Life, is a great representative of its kind. It combines various elements of RPG and urban simulation, which will help you learn the story of several characters, taken from the popular comic book series authored by Robert Kirkman, much more clearly and interestingly.

The toy, of course, will make you encounter an abundance of zombies. However, apart from killing them all and surviving in this brutal struggle, the main task will defeat the tyrant governor. He sits in the town of Woodbury. He has many loyal rebels in his command, which you will also need to subdue. In the game, you need to make quick and correct decisions. Every mistake, or a wrong step, can cost you your life.

The first thing you need to do is to set up the town. The small number of people who have survived need several strategic facilities. With their help, everyone will be safe and feel protected. In parallel, you need to complete many tasks and improve your characters and their inventory. You will have to upgrade and craft a large variety of items to help you survive.

Initially, there are four variations or types of characters available to choose from in the game. Each group has special skills and characteristics, but each has several vulnerabilities that the enemy can use to take over their target. To survive, you need to upgrade your characters’ skills, abilities, and perks promptly. The more upgrades you have done, the better your chances of defeating the walking creatures.

You can download the The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack below by clicking on the link.

Download Walking Dead: Road to Survival v. [90.99 MB ]
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